Sunday, October 10, 2010

Removing EFI Partitions

EFI Partitions, How annoying.
For those of you who own both a mac and a PC and share drives between them you may have noticed that OS X leaves an "EFI Partition" on drives it formats.  The EFI Partition contains information such as a utilities or device drivers for use by OS X when it boots. This information is all but useless to PC's, and if you're like me and want all of your drives to be uniform it can be downright annoying. To make matters worse, in most cases the Disk manager in Windows won't modify the partition (even if it's reformatted!) meaning you're stuck with a useless 200MB partition. Without booting into a software like GParted or Spinright a simple CLEAN command can be done from the command line to remove it:

1) Boot up the Command Line
2) Type: DISKPART [Press Enter]
3) Type: LIST DISK [Press Enter]
4) Locate the disk with the EFI Partition that you want to clean. Note the Disk #
5) Type: SELECT DISK # [Press Enter]
6) Type CLEAN [Press Enter] and that's it!

Now your disk can be reformatted normally.


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