Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Old Games: Nostalgia and Woes

While I was rummaging through my desk looking for a flash drive to eventually ruin I came upon a copy of Dune 2000.  I actually don’t remember how I originally acquired it; it had just been in my CD stack for a little over a decade, back from the Compaq Presario and Windows 98 days.  It may have been the first RTS game I ever played and I instantly had that feeling of nostalgia. I NEEDED to play it again, my nostalgia was very strong.  So, forgetting about my to-be-doomed flash drive I popped it in my CD drive and… excellent, an error. It’s a 16-bit game, and all 16-bit software can’t run on a 64-bit OS.  Damn.  Not to be deterred I started up my virtual copy of Windows XP in VirtualBox and installed it in the virtual machine. Success!

Now all I need to do is find my copy of Emperor: Battle for Dune and my Arrakis cravings will go away.

Anyway, What to take from this little story: Old 16-bit games don’t work on 64-bit OS’s, you need a virtualization software like DosBox, VirtualBox or VMWare.

The spice must flow!

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