Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Stuff Coming Soon

Sorry for my long absence, I needed a break from everything for a while. I've got some new posts with great stuff on the way so stay tuned.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Very Important Advice I Hope You Never Need

I feel a lot better than I did yesterday so I'm going to offer some good life advice. For the past month and a half I have been having trouble with my now ex girlfriend. Turns out she had been cheating on me with another guy for about a month. She lied to me, to him and to everyone we both knew. I won't get into details because I'm not vindictive, but I will state that it was by far the most painful thing I had ever gone through.

It is relative to this blog because it was long-distance. Tech really made the separation attrition a lot more bearable. Skype, Google Talk, AIM and even other less known protocols let us talk basically every day without missing a beat.  However, the distance really makes it easy to hide actions like cheating especially if the other person acts "busy" with other things. Long distance requires that you explicitly trust the other person and when things like this happen it can cut very deep.

I wouldn't wish this kind of thing on anyone, even my most disliked adversaries but I know it happens.  Here's a method that worked for me:

1) After you learn about it get in contact with a very level headed friend before you do anything. They'll keep you from doing anything you might regret when you're overcome with emotion.
2) Stay calm. This can be the hardest step of any of them because if you're the one being cheated on, you have some very justified anger and sorrow. There will be time to deal with it later.
3) Confrontation. This step can be optional but in my case I needed the closure. In hindsight I wish I could have done it in person, but you don't always get to choose the place and time. Try to keep it civil, my recommendation is to not involve the new person, but if you have to do not get overzealous.
4) Don't try to salvage the friendship. This one hurts a lot. The other person might want to stay friends, but  you shouldn't. Cheating is a complete destruction of trust, and there is at least some level of trust between friends. Or at least right now, don't try to fix anything.
5) Cut off contact. Another hard one. You might be curious as to what they are doing or what is going on but don't look into it. It prolongs the pain that you feel because it keeps you from truly dealing with what you've lost.
6) Delete everything. (Trust me, you're much better off) If you can't bring yourself to delete everything then you can do what I did: place everything into a password-secured file and give it to a friend, out of your reach. Give yourself real barriers, make it hard for you to get. Eventually you can delete everything when you're truly ready.
7) Surround yourself with your friends. I'm normally a loner and introvert; I like to deal with things on my own but in this case I needed to be surrounded by people that care. Not everyone is suited for this, but you'll know who you want around you as you deal. Talking about it does help.
8) Don't do anything you might regret. Think about every decision you make and the consequences of every action, but do try to get your stuff back.
9) Move on. Cheaters will cheat again. If they cheat with you they'll cheat on you too. If the other person is truly remorseful then give it a lot of time, months and months. If he/she cares that much then they can wait.  In my case she wasn't remorseful so it made it easier to move on.

Remember: In most cases if they do this to you they weren't worth your time. Find yourself someone who can really care about you and appreciate you for who you are. Don't give in to guilt and do what you need to.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not much...

I'm going through a lot of personal turmoil right now. I might not be able to post anything for a while, hopefully when I feel better I can make regular posts again. In the meantime check out:


for making server 2008 more user-friendly


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The PERFECT Lemonade

Off-Topic, but this should be shared:

You will need:
A Pot
A pitcher
A strainer
A Hand Juicer
6 Lemons
1 Cup of Sugar
6 Cups of Water

1) Bring the water to a boil, reduce heat and stir the sugar until dissolved to make a sugar-water base. Remove from heat. Pour in pitcher when cool enough.
2) Juice the lemons
3) Strain the juice into the pitcher, this should remove the majority of the pulp and all of the seeds. Stir.
4) Cover and place the pitcher in the fridge until it cools
5) Enjoy.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Graphics Drivers in Windows Server

If you run Windows Server 2003/2008 you might run into issues installing graphics card drivers.  If you’re lucky (and I mean very lucky) the normal graphics installation may work for you. Here are the conversions since finding software suites for server is rare:

Windows Server 2003 R1/R2 - Windows XP Graphics Suite
Windows Server 2008 R1 - Windows Vista Graphics Suite
Windows Server 2008 R2 - Windows 7 Graphics Suite

What edition of Windows Server you have is irrelevant (Standard, Enterprise, etc.) but the architecture does matter. Make sure you get the correct drivers for x86, x64 or Itanium.

Most likely, by this point you’re getting errors about driver conflicts; Catalyst Control Center fails to initialize, the nVidia suite will never open properly, etc. To fix this doing the following helps most people:

1) Start -> run -> type: devmgmt.msc [Press Enter]
2) Under display adapters -> right click your graphics card -> properties
3) Under the driver tab click “Uninstall”
4) When its done exit to the Device Manager and click the ‘Scan for Hardware Changes’ in the Action menu.
5) Allow windows to install a graphics driver from windows update.
6) Reboot

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Old Games: Nostalgia and Woes

While I was rummaging through my desk looking for a flash drive to eventually ruin I came upon a copy of Dune 2000.  I actually don’t remember how I originally acquired it; it had just been in my CD stack for a little over a decade, back from the Compaq Presario and Windows 98 days.  It may have been the first RTS game I ever played and I instantly had that feeling of nostalgia. I NEEDED to play it again, my nostalgia was very strong.  So, forgetting about my to-be-doomed flash drive I popped it in my CD drive and… excellent, an error. It’s a 16-bit game, and all 16-bit software can’t run on a 64-bit OS.  Damn.  Not to be deterred I started up my virtual copy of Windows XP in VirtualBox and installed it in the virtual machine. Success!

Now all I need to do is find my copy of Emperor: Battle for Dune and my Arrakis cravings will go away.

Anyway, What to take from this little story: Old 16-bit games don’t work on 64-bit OS’s, you need a virtualization software like DosBox, VirtualBox or VMWare.

The spice must flow!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tweaking the Flavor of Diet Sodas

Personally I don’t like diet sodas. There’s ALWAYS an aftertaste, but sometimes it’s all that’s left at a party or your roommate bought the wrong package and they’re just taking up space in the fridge. The aftertaste is caused by an artificial sweetener called aspartame and some people notice an “off” or bitter taste to foods sweetened with it.

Rather than letting all that soda sit indefinitely try a spritz of lemon juice in your drink. It clears the aftertaste right up.

*On another note you can try it with bacon but it’s not recommended.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Removing EFI Partitions

EFI Partitions, How annoying.
For those of you who own both a mac and a PC and share drives between them you may have noticed that OS X leaves an "EFI Partition" on drives it formats.  The EFI Partition contains information such as a utilities or device drivers for use by OS X when it boots. This information is all but useless to PC's, and if you're like me and want all of your drives to be uniform it can be downright annoying. To make matters worse, in most cases the Disk manager in Windows won't modify the partition (even if it's reformatted!) meaning you're stuck with a useless 200MB partition. Without booting into a software like GParted or Spinright a simple CLEAN command can be done from the command line to remove it:

1) Boot up the Command Line
2) Type: DISKPART [Press Enter]
3) Type: LIST DISK [Press Enter]
4) Locate the disk with the EFI Partition that you want to clean. Note the Disk #
5) Type: SELECT DISK # [Press Enter]
6) Type CLEAN [Press Enter] and that's it!

Now your disk can be reformatted normally.